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Hello world!

February 1, 2016

Hello World, indeed!

Here we are in 2016 and I have a couple of goals this year.  I am seeking to have more peace in my life and to focus on the good and positive things each day.  This blog is my first step in that journey.

Hopefully, here you will find some thought-provoking insights, cool photos, a recipe or two, interesting information regarding some of the medical stuff we deal with with older international adoptees and hopefully something along the way will tickle your funny bone.

I’m a big fan travel.  I am not a big fan of living in the same small town for the last 30+ years but since I am a big fan of my husband, here I have stayed.  Thankfully, he lets me wander off now and then.  I appreciate that.  He has, however, placed a strict moratorium on bringing home any new children that don’t have parents to return them to.

I am a big fan of my 6 kiddos.  They used to be little.  A couple of them were even tiny when I first met them.  But now they are all big and mostly grown and some married and some planning to get married and ONE MORE to get through high school.  Some of our kids are homemade and some are imported.  We like to shake things up around here.

I am a big fan of my dogs.  I have two standard poodles; Dexter and Millie. Both are rescues and I love them more than words can say.  They do not talk back to me, lie about cleaning their bathrooms or leave dirty socks shoved between the cushions of my couch.  Of course they track mud in from the yard, but hey, so did the kids.  Oh yeah, we also have an American Toy Terrier named Bacchus.  He is passive aggressive and sheds.  Ugh…I still love him.

I am a big fan of cooking…sometimes.  I used to have to cook 300000000000 meals a day when all the kids were home.  Now I cook less (perhaps less than my husband would like..).  When the kids come home, I cook.  When they are not home, I take a minimalist approach.  I will share some recipes and photos and possibly even a review now and then.

I hope you will bookmark this site or sign up for email notifications when a new post is published.  Feel free to leave me (nice) comments and thanks for visiting!



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