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Snopocalypse 2016: Will We Survive?

February 2, 2016
Front of the house

Front of the house

The snow storm that has been reported for the last week has finally arrived. It was a smidgen tardy in it’s arrival which led to many a snarky comment on Facebook. People were all complain-y (it’s a word, let it go) about how they took off work and at 5 a.m. there was hardly any snow. These are the same folks who will be all complain-y when we have 3 feet of snow and they have to shovel it all.

Back of the house

Back of the house

I have been awake since a little after 5:00 this morning and have been watching the progress of the snow. Personally, I’m all for a big ole blizzard that shuts down the whole town. I’m not so much for our police, medical personnel, linemen, etc who MUST be out in it. I pray for their safety.

The husband has scooped a path for the dogs to exit the deck and is currently gone to shuttle one of our kids to his job. Not sure why any restaurant is open today, but if they are going to pay him to show up, he is gonna show up….even if my husband has to risk life and limb to get him there.

The dogs need a path off the deck

The dogs need a path off the deck

Of course, in my husband’s mind, there is no actual risking of life and limb. It’s “no problem” and “not that bad”. Now, if I wanted to go somewhere it would be “too dangerous” and “you’ve got to be crazy!” Let’s all say it together: double standard. He has a blade on his truck and is therefore, invincible. He will be clearing driveways with reckless abandon. Superman ain’t got nothing on him.

So, back to the complain-y people. Why? Why??? We live in Nebraska. Nebraska has snow and often snow storms during the winter months. If you do not want to endure long winters, complete with storms, why do you live in Nebraska? Ok, to be fair, I don’t enjoy long winters in Nebraska but at least I’m not surprised that it’s happening! As I told my youngest the other day when he was all mad about a choice he had made that did not net great results; it’s like putting on red pants in the morning and then being surly and…yes, complain-y about wearing red pants all day! Do you see the people on the Gulf Coast surprised and angry when a hurricane hits? Nevermind, I’m sure that happens.

Since I cannot control the weather, (heck, I can’t even control my mouth) I’m going to just hunker down and cook up some hearty fare for the menfolk. Homemade Mac & Cheese is on the menu. That ought to stick to the ribs of those snow moving machines. It will also stick to my belly and thighs, but what am I to do? Diets don’t count on snowdays.

I am also going to light a candle and hope that covers the smell of wet

Bacchus regrets his short legs

Bacchus regrets his short legs

dogs. Dexter was like an excited Snuffaluffagus out in the snow; all bouncing and jumping as if he is a Teacup Yorkie. He and Millie play-fight outside (she starts it and always loses…she needs a support group) and I had to finally call him off so he would quit tackling her while she was trying to go potty. He ran up and sat on the top step of the deck like a pee-wee footballer waiting for the coach to put him in. He is SUCH a little boy.

Millie high-steppin' it in the snow

Millie high-steppin’ it in the snow

Rick has returned with reports of small cars spun out everywhere and a complete white-out across from the airport.  He estimates 6-8 inches has fallen thus far.  Since I can barely see the neighbor’s HUGE evergreen tree, I can report that the storm is not letting up just yet. It’s ok. Really it is. It’s Nebraska. It’s winter. I have Homemade Mac & Cheese. It’s all good.  We will survive Snopocalypse 2016.


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  • Reply Kimberly February 2, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    We will rebuild!! 😉

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