Are We Giving or Doing Business?

December 26, 2016



Thinking today about giving…and GIVING. We do a lot of giving during the Christmas season. We drop a little money into the red kettles. We give gifts to those we love. We even give gifts to those we do not know…and boy do we feel good about it. Giving is good. Giving blesses those who receive. The truth is, giving feels good. So often we give a little…or even a lot, depending on what we have…but we rarely give more than what we deem ‘extra’. When was the last time we gave more than what we felt we could spare…or gave up something so that someone else could have what they need?
Don’t get me wrong, giving is always good. I’m not suggesting we not give. I’ve just been thinking about how we like to pat ourselves on the back for giving from our excess…or giving something we have already used.
I wonder what would happen if we gave more than what we feel we can do without. I wonder what blessings would flow if we met a need without thought to what we were giving up or how great others would think we are. I wonder what amazing things God would do with our giving if it were sacrificial…if it meant we had to do without something…
What if we gave without deeming the recipient of our giving worthy of receiving it? What if we just gave.
I believe it would change the world. Moreover, I believe it would change us. It would change who we are at our core if we just met a need and didn’t put ourselves in the judgement seat about whether or not a person deserved to receive.
Please don’t read these thoughts and believe that I have arrived…that I am giving sacrificially….that I don’t enjoy a worldly pat on the back for the pittance I give. I haven’t and I’m not and I enjoy kudos as much as everyone else. But it’s on my radar and I want to improve. I want to do better. I want to be less self centered and more others focused. God has proven to me over and over and over again that He will provide and meet my needs. I can loosen my grip on what I have. If I have what someone else needs and I feel led to give it…I want to give it. If I really need it, He will make sure I have it.
I don’t know how this will play out over the next year but I plan to be more conscious of what I can do…what I can give…that I have previously thought I could not. I’m looking forward to seeing where God takes me.

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