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About me…always somewhat awkward to write up something on yourself, don’t you think?

So, I’m a wife, mother, business owner, writer, wanderer, serial adopter, standard poodle lover and now, blogger.

Let’s break it down: Wife for almost 30 years to a man who is the polar opposite of me; which could be the secret of it all.  He is a fixer and has a servant’s heart and I love him beyond belief.  He also can’t spell to save his soul but I overlook that because he will stop and help a turtle cross the highway or push a stranger’s stalled car out of an intersection without a second though.  In the grand scheme of things, spelling pales in comparison to good character and a sweet heart.  Besides, he has spell check and auto correct.

I’ve been a mother for 28 years.  We started out with a son then added a daughter.  Then we adopted a daughter…and another…and a son…and then his biological brother.  I never expected to have a large family, but I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.  I would, however, willingly go on a vacation to a villa in the South of France with just my dog for a month.  Just sayin’…

My husband and I own a couple of service businesses.  For the first 21 years, I did all the books for those businesses (while managing 4 adoption and 6 children…moment of silence for the passing of my sanity, please).  Now we have an Office Manager and she makes my life SO much easier!  I also own a little coffee shop in our historic downtown.  It’s a fun little place with a unique vibe and really, really excellent coffee.  I have really great employees whom I consider family and I KNOW they really love it when I ‘mother’ them.  You’re welcome, girls.

Several years ago I wrote a weekly column in our newspaper.  It helped to keep my brain from totally atrophying and created a tangible record of some nice memories for our family.  I enjoyed it but as the kids got older, it became more difficult to find the time to write.  The fun thing about writing a column about your crazy family is that the people in town read it and then they feel they know me…but I don’t exactly know them.  One lady told me, “We are friends!  You just don’t know me…”  I seriously love and miss that.

I am a wanderer at heart.  I grew up moving all over creation due to my father’s job, though it is much more fun to tell people we were in the witness protection program.  I was a painfully shy little girl but eventually learned how to get to know others when it dawned on me that they were just as nervous to meet me as I was to meet them.  I love that I got to live in so many different areas of the country and experience different climates and types of people and cultures.  The South will always be my favorite and where I feel most at ‘home’.  I was born in East Texas and tho I lived there a few times as a child, I don’t have a lot of memories of it.  But when I go there, it feels right.  I am very lucky that my husband occasionally lets me wander off to explore every now and then.  It is difficult to live in one place for 30+ years after being so mobile prior.  He understands and lets me recharge my soul.  See, isn’t he such a good man.

Since I’ve already admitted to four adoptions, I will expand on that.  We have a daughter from Russia, a daughter from Bulgaria and two sons from Bulgaria.  My husband and I traveled together to Russia since we had to attend court for the adoption.  I traveled to Bulgaria 5 times by myself to complete our Bulgarian adoptions.  I take that back.  My mom went with me the last time to bring home our last child.  What a difference another pair of hands can make!  All of our children were over the age of 2 at their adoptions and the oldest turned 5 the month he came home.  There are a myriad of issues that come with international and older child adoption.  I will share some of those things in the blog.

Hello, my name is Jill, and I love Standard Poodles.  I had no idea I would.  I never longed to own a silly big poodle…or any poodle for that matter.  We had small dogs when the kids were little.  You know the kind…the ones who can dig out from under the fence so many times you get tickets and then when you think your husband paid it and he thinks you paid it then your husband gets arrested and it’s in the paper and he is mad at you.  Then I heard about how good Standard Poodles are for therapy dogs and I set out to find one.  Out of the blue, a friend from high school posted on Facebook about a litter of Standards that had been taken to the local shelter.  I called the next day, asked my BFF from high school to go take a look and when she said they were wonderful, she filled out the paperwork and took home TWO huge puppies (my friend and I both wanted one) and kept them at her house for 11 days until I could drive from Nebraska to Oregon to pick them up.  The rest is history.  Dexter is hands down the best dog I have ever owned.  He is smart and funny and has never had an accident in the house.  The best part is that he is tall enough that I can pet him without having to bend over.   🙂

And now, I am a blogger.


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